All India Homoeopathic Physicians’, Researchers’, Students’ & Pharmaceuticals’ Summit-2023

Venue- Digha Unnayan Parishad Complex, New Digha in West Bengal, PIN-721428

Pre Seminar Workshop Date- 3rd February, 2023

Seminar Date – 4th & 5th February, 2023


An abstract should normally be within 300 words (excluding titles & key words). It should give an outline/summary of the work with the substantive results and major conclusions. It should preferably be structured and include sub sections:

  • Background/ introduction/ rationale
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions.

    It typically does not require any references but, if essential, then cite author(s) and year(s).Please avoid diagrams, illustrations, tables, references or graphics in the abstract. Also include keywords, i.e., words that a reader would be likely to use in searching for the content of the article. Also include a list of all co-authors, whether they are or are not presenting in the summit.

  • 1) Case reports , case series, clinical Trials , Systematic review and meta analysis
  • 2) Fundamental Research , Laboratory based Research
  • 3) Human Pathogenetic trials ( HPT )
  • 4) Improving Education, Practice & Research
  • 5) Epidemic and Pandemic : Experiences of Acute and Long COVID-19
  • 6) Innovation in Pharmaceuticals industry


    Some basic information about Poster Presentation for forthcoming ‘All India Homoeopathic Students’, Doctors’ & Pharmaceuticals’ Summit” 2023 :

  • 1) Try to maintain the size of the poster around 48″ x 60″ (Length X Height) contains :
    Title with author’s names, Credentials, and Affiliations
  • 2) Typical headings: Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions, References, Acknowledgement (Optional)
  • 3) Use sans serif fonts for titles and headings (for example, Arial, Franklin Gothic, Helvetica, Tahoma, Trebuchet or Verdana).
  • 4) Use serif fonts for the body (for example Times New Roman, Palatino).
  • 5) Do not use all CAPS, as it is hard to read. Try to use “Sentence case.”
  • 6) The text should be legible from three to five feet away. Title font size should be about 100 points or larger and text 24 points or larger. However, font size is about judgment and what looks best with your poster.
  • 7) Graphs and tables should be large (minimum of 8.5 x 11 inches is preferable).
  • 8) Make your poster printed in a proper way. Fabric / Satin or vinyl scientific poster print is used to display scientific poster.
  • 9) Bring pushpins and tape for attaching the poster.
  • 10) See the attached ppt template ratio (For size ratio).

  • Important Updates

    Download- Programme Schedule for 4th & 5th February, 2023

    Download- AIHPRSPS-2023 Leaflet

    AIHPRSPS Pre Seminar Workshop Date is 3rd February, 2023. To know more visit our Leaflet.

    Final Seminar Venue: Digha Unnan Parisad Complex,New Digha, West Bengal, PIN-721428